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Archroma introduces COLOR MANAGEMENT to elevate color development and execution for more sustainable textiles and fashion

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Archroma introduces COLOR MANAGEMENT to elevate color development and execution for more sustainable textiles and fashion

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, today introduced COLOR MANAGEMENT+, an enhanced color design and development solution that helps textile and fashion brands and mills work together for improved economic and environmental sustainability.

Archroma COLOR MANAGEMENT+ incorporates the industry’s largest off-the-shelf color atlas selection, market-leading design tools and customized services for fast color selection and creation. It combines these with engineered color standards created with Archroma’s SUPER SYSTEMS+ for reduced environmental impact and consistent and accurate color reproduction.

With these end-to-end capabilities, brands and designers can focus on their color inspiration and on the required functionality and sustainability for their end article, with the assurance that their inspiration can be precisely communicated and efficiently executed at the mill.

“Selecting the perfect color is a vital part of the creation of textiles and fashion, but it is not simple. Beyond aesthetics and consumer appeal, today’s designers also have to consider fastness performance, eco-compliance, color consistency and resource efficiency,” Chris Hipps, Global Head of Archroma Color Management, said. “Archroma’s COLOR MANAGEMENT+ builds these considerations into engineered color standards and provides the recipes and references that colorists and technical specialists need to bring colors to life in economical and resource efficient bulk production.”

Within COLOR MANAGEMENT+, the Color Atlas by Archroma® offers access to a collection of more than 5,700 unique colors for cotton, polyester and blends, both as a physical library and searchable online library. Designers also have the option to create custom colors.

Most importantly, achievability criteria are available for each color standard, whether in the Color Atlas or provided as an Engineered Color, at the selection phase. This includes information about the technical and economic feasibility of the selected color, along with a commitment to sustainability build on the foundation of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) Level 3.

The COLOR MANAGEMENT+ color standards provide clear color communication to mill colorists, textile technologists and quality control specialists, helping them deliver the right color faster and achieving reproducible colors across countries and mills. Clear communications can also eliminate excessive lab dipping, shorten approval times and improve first-time-approval rates.

The color standards in COLOR MANAGEMENT+ are created with Archroma’s powerful SUPER SYSTEMS+ solutions for bulk production in mind. Offering end article-specific processing solutions, durable colors and intelligent effects, the SUPER SYSTEMS+ suite allows brands to achieve measurable environmental impact, eliminate harmful or regulated chemicals, and add value and longevity to the end product.

The solution is further supported Archroma’s ONE WAY+ Impact Calculator and Sustainability Improvement Program (SIP), and SAFE EDGE+ compliance-data platform. Global technical support is provided to help the supply chain deliver the right colors with consistency and reduced environmental impact.

Archroma’s COLOR MANAGEMENT+ is a core pillar of the company’s “PLANET CONSCIOUS+” vision. With the industry’s most extensive product portfolio and a comprehensive global footprint, Archroma has the expertise and drive to accelerate the textile and fashion industry’s transition to the most sustainable processes and lead it towards a more sustainable future.

Learn more about Archroma Color Management+ here.

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