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Bangladesh observed a great momentum in Knit sector in 2021

Knit sector gains a great momentum in 2021

Bangladesh experienced a great momentum in knit apparel sectors in 2021. Though it was a year for the great pandemic, still Bangladesh had showed a tremendous way to hit a hard momentum in this period. Despite many obstacles and blockages, it reached a higher sales volume to the world market.

If government supports and facilitate more, this sector surely will boost more in the days ahead. Necessary steps should be taken to clear up the bottlenecks and the sector will compete with it’s competitor and sees record high volume in sales in the days ahead.

Fast growing global knitting industry is taking the share in popularity over the woven for last few years and it continue to have this growth. The increased versatility of techniques, the adaptability of many new man-made fibers and the rising in consumer demand for the greatly expanding areas of sportswear, other casual wear are driving the growth.

Bangladesh knit sector is one of the largest knit garments manufacturing industry in the world considering both capabilities and competitiveness. The sector is producing top quality knit garments at the lowest cost. Bangladesh has been a heaven for producing knit garments for global brands who are always getting the best deal here, taking out the best quality out of the lowest possible money.

Knitwear export scenario of Bangladesh at a glance:

There are a total of 4560 garments factories in Bangladesh exporting apparel products in the global market, of them about 2500 are knit garment factories. With almost all major retailers, Bangladesh has a significant market share in cotton & cotton-rich knit products for the last 16 years. World’s leading brands are sourcing knit garments from Bangladesh like H&M, Walmart, C&A, Zara etc.


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