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Jeanologia introduces innovative circular washing process

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Jeanologia introduces innovative circular washing process

Jeanologia has marked a new milestone in the textile industry by achieving the authentic vintage look of natural aging and stone wash through Atmos, an innovative circular atmosphere washing process with zero discharge, media reported.

Instead of using conventional water washers, Jeanologia uses air washers that extract oxygen from the atmosphere and convert it into ozone to treat garments through a controlled and safe abrasion process without the need for stones, water, or chemicals.

It marks a new milestone in which the company continues to focus on products, sustainability, and innovation, leading the way toward zero discharge and circular fashion.

“The new stone wash look and natural aging effect are called Atmos,” said the president of Jeanologia Enrique Silla.

Silla, predicts that “in the next few years the mixture of water and chemicals will be replaced by a mixture of air and ozone. We will find two types of industrial washing machines on the market: water washing machines and air washing machines.”

After the launch of its first air washer in 2005 under the name G2, Jeanologia says it has positioned itself in the market as a leader in ozone technology for the garment finishing industry.

Jeanologia will premiere its first Atmos collection at Kingpins Amsterdam that shows off how to achieve an authentic vintage look in a sustainable and efficient way in several fashion product categories.

In addition, the company is championing digitalization at the Kingpins Show and will have an “eDesigner Studio” at the event. The space, dedicated to the revolutionary software for the creation of eDesigner jeans, will give attendees the experience of designing a garment virtually. They will be able to see how a virtual collection is developed and see that what is designed on screen is what you get in production.


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