Significant Increase in Internet Users in Bangladesh

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Significant Increase in Internet Users in Bangladesh

In August, Bangladesh saw a significant rise of 1 million new internet users, primarily due to the expansion of the country’s mobile subscriber network. This surge has pushed the total count of internet subscribers to 131.9 million, as reported by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

This marks the seventh consecutive month of growth in the internet subscriber base since February. The initial rebound occurred in February, driven by an increase in mobile internet users. Subsequently, broadband users increased in March and June, while mobile internet users have continued to grow each month since February.

The August increase in internet subscribers was primarily attributed to the expansion of mobile internet users, who now constitute 90.79% of the total internet subscriber base in the country, totaling 119.7 million users. This phenomenon reflects evolving consumer preferences, with people increasingly relying on digital platforms for a diverse range of services beyond social media. It signifies a notable shift in the dynamics of the telecommunications industry.

Key industry players, such as Erik Aas, CEO of Banglalink, emphasized the importance of network quality and its role in supporting the growing demand for digital services. Banglalink’s fastest 4G network aims to provide top-notch mobile telecommunications services and digital solutions through its MyBL Super App and Toffee.

Broadband internet subscribers remained unchanged at 12.1 million in August. It is important to note that BTRC provides broadband internet subscriber information on a quarterly basis, making it difficult to ascertain whether there was an increase or decrease in subscribers.

The internet industry has faced some challenges, such as stalling business growth and customer acquisition due to the rising cost of equipment, largely imported, exacerbated by the costly US dollar.

It is worth mentioning that the exact number of internet users cannot be determined from BTRC’s data, as many individuals use multiple SIM cards. According to Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics, a project administered by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 41% of people aged above five in the country use the internet.


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