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Peru’s Nuevo Mundo continues sustainability journey with Archroma

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Peru's Nuevo Mundo continues sustainability journey with Archroma

Integrated textile mill Nuevo Mundo is partnering with Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals focused on sustainable solutions, to offer collections utilizing Archroma’s EarthColors® agricultural waste based dyes and produced with zero liquid discharge and substantial resource savings.

A strategic partner of apparel brands, Nuevo Mundo is a market leader in South America with a 75-year history. It helps brands expand into new markets with value-added products that capture growing consumer demand for quality and sustainability. The company is a pioneer in the adoption of water-saving processes and chemicals that have minimal impact on the environment.

Working with its longstanding partner Archroma, Nuevo Mundo is now reinforcing its commitment to sustainability with the creation of new collections that utilize Archroma’s biowaste-based EarthColors® dyes. Based on patented Archroma technology, these high-performance dyes are from non-edible agricultural or herbal industry waste in a process that helps to reduce the negative impact on water footprint, natural resources and climate change compared to conventional synthetic dye production where toxic and non-renewable oil derivative products are used as raw material.*

The organic raw materials used for the dyes created for Nuevo Mundo include residues from cotton plants, beets and saw palmetto. In addition to using these biowaste-based dyes, the EarthColors® collections will be produced in Nuevo Mundo’s zero liquid discharge facilities, providing savings in time, water and energy, as well as emissions.

Umberto De Vita, Director, Denim Market Segment, Archroma Textile Effects, said: “Like our partner Nuevo Mundo, Archroma is passionate about working with brands to move our industry towards a future where businesses can thrive and care for people and the planet at the same time. This approach is captured in our ‘Planet Conscious+’ vision of deeper collaboration, supported by breakthrough technologies like EarthColors®.”

Boris Schwartzman, Nuevo Mundo, said: “With the trend towards nearshoring gaining momentum in the U.S., now is the ideal time for South American brands to capture demand for high-quality clothing and textiles that deliver the sustainability that the American market demands. Our partnership with Archroma and the introduction of EarthColors® into our collections creates a real opportunity for growth.”

Nuevo Mundo and Archroma intend their alliance to be a long-term collaboration, with plans to release new collections based on EarthColors® in the coming year and beyond.

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