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সাবাশ বাংলাদেশ ! Export of first-ever oceangoing vessel to UK, Pakistani netizens praise Bangladesh’s development

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Export of first-ever oceangoing vessel to UK, Pakistani netizens praise Bangladesh’s development

The Pakistani social media users are praising the development of Bangladesh regarding its first-time export of an oceangoing high-speed, multipurpose container vessel to the United Kingdom (UK).

Startup Pakistan, a Pakistan-based news-sharing Facebook page published the news citing Bangladeshi media Dhaka Tribune on September 22.

As of September 26, the post has been reacted by nearly 50,000 users with more than 4,700 comments and more than 7,500 shares.

Usman Khalid Paracha, a Pakistani user wrote “Well done Bangladesh. We are happy for your success.”

Muhammad Attouf Ur Rehman Rathore, another Pakistani netizen said “Big achievement Bangladesh. You should thankful to Almighty Allah that you guys are not a part of Pakistan right now”.

Adnan Akhtar wrote “I wish, I was a Bangladeshi citizen, what a moment of pride! Being a Pakistani is a curse now.”

Iftikhar Ahmed, another user, said “In 1971, Pakistan had 77 ships and we gave 14 to Bangladesh. Now Bangladesh has 80 and Pakistan only 13 left. Incredible Journey, well-done military.”

Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad said “Bangladesh is an inspiration for us. It seems sooner Afghanistan would be an example for us. It is unpredictable how long our journey in a circle will prolong?”

Talal Tirmizi said “Well done. Separation was your best decision.”

Murtaza Baloch wrote Pakistan should learn from Bangladesh.

However, Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Ltd handed over the ship to its UK buyer, Enzian Shipping Company Ltd, on September 13.

The 364 feet long, 54 feet wide, and 27 feet deep ship has a 4,130-horsepower engine and can reach speeds of up to 12.5 nautical miles/hour.

The ship, with a capacity of 6,100 deadweight tonnage, was built entirely in Narayanganj’s Meghnaghat.

Dr Tariqul Islam, executive director of Ananda Group, told Dhaka Tribune that in 2008 they first exported a ship to Denmark and now we have exported to the UK. It is also the first time that the UK has imported a ship from Bangladesh.

This vessel can transport any kind of dangerous cargo, except nuclear waste, and it is an ice-class vessel that can move smoothly, breaking four feet of ice on the ocean. This ship also can run without a captain’s assistance in its engine room for up to 16 hours, he added.


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