248 million people are caught in Covid-19 in China within the first 20 days of December

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248 million people are caught in Covid-19 in China within first 20 days of December

The recently leaked document from Chinese officials had shown a very alarming situation in China. Several renowned media had reported that 248 million people are positive in China between 1st December to 20th December 2022 which is about 18% of China’s total population. According to an internal estimate from China’s top health officials, Bloomberg News and The Financial Times reported this on Friday last. This situation had taken place only after 20 days that China had diluted its ‘Zero Covid’ policy. According to Free Asia radio, citing leaked government documents circulating on social media, in a 20 minutes meeting of China’s national commission, they said 248 million people were infected with Covid-19 from 1st to 20th December. A senior Chinese journalist told the radio on Thursday that the document was genuine and had been leaked by someone who attended the meeting and acted deliberately for public interests. Surprisingly, on Saturday, China reported only 3,761 new cases of Covid-19 were positive.

CNN, Bloomberg news, The Financial Times and also some other big media covered the news through the source of leaked documents from Chinese officials. According to the latest NHC guidelines, deaths caused by pneumonia and respiratory failure after contracting the virus are classified as Covid deaths, Wang Guigiang, a Chinese top infectious disease doctor told in a news conference on Tuesday last.

Airfinity, a UK-based health data-providing firm said that the infections in China are likely to be more than one million a day with deaths at more than 5,000 a day. A new model revealed by Airfinity after examining data from China’s regional provinces, the current outbreaks are growing more rapidly than in others. Cases are increasing with an alarming higher infection, especially in the region of Beijing and Guangdong.

If the situation goes according to leaked documents from China, people surely have much reason to be cold and speechless as we have seen the last effect when China had to close their lands and the whole supply chain got into crisis. Also the Airfinity head of vaccine, Mr. Dr. Louise Blair had said “China has stopped mass testing and is no longer reporting asymptomatic cases.

It will be indeed a great loss for China with other nearby Countries that are dependent on Chinese materials for their manufacturing need. Traders and manufacturers must be able to have an additional alternative source if china again closed down for a longer period like before.


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