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Canada’s apparel imports reach $5.38 billion in H1 ’22

BTJ Desk Report
Canada’s apparel imports reach $5.38 billion in H1 ’22

The apparel imports of Canada have reached $5.38 billion in the first of the current calendar year, January to June of 2022, fetching a 27.52% year-on-year growth, as per the official data.

Among the total imports, the supplier shipped knitted garments of $3.05 billion (up by 27.15%), and woven garments of $2.33 billion (up by 28%) to the country, the data added.

As per the data, imports from all top Asian sources have grown in the first half of 2022.

Value-wise, China shipped $1.49billion worth of garments to Canada during H1 ’22, noting 21.25% y-o-y growth.

China was followed by Bangladesh which shipped apparel items of worth $761.97, fetching a y-o-y growth of 33.39%, the official data stated.

Vietnam exported apparel items worth $731.62 million to Canada, registering a y-o-y growth of 39.51%.

India managed to experience significant growth of 60% to $217.96 million in H1 ’22, the data said.


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