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Fuel Price Hike: Private ICDs raise import handling charges by 35%

BTJ Desk Report
Fuel Price Hike Private ICDs raise import handling charges by 35%

The Bangladesh Inland Container Depots Association (Bicda) on 11 August raised the import container handling charges by 35% following the historic jump in fuel prices.

However, the charge will be increased only for services involving the use of diesel engines at off-docks and not in other cases.

ICDs are informing their stakeholders of the impending increase in service charges through advance notice emails.

According to the BICDA, the five diesel-powered services in ICDs include import handling package charge, export staffing package charge, lift on/off charge, VGM charge, and haulage charge.

The import handling package charge for a 20-foot container will rise by 35%, from Tk9,754 to Tk13,899 and the cost of the same service will rise from Tk11,255 to Tk16,038 for a 40-foot container.

However, the apparel manufacturers have demanded the cancellation of 35% hike in inland container depot (ICD) charges for import.

In a statement, issued by Syed Nazrul Islam, first vice president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) said that hiking off-dock charges without the approval of the shipping ministry tariff committee is completely illegal.


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