Inflation declines slightly to 9.24 percent in April: BBS

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Inflation declines slightly to 9.24 percent in April: BBS

The inflation decreased slightly by 0.9% to 9.24% in April compared with March data.

The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) revealed the data on Wednesday.

According to the BBS report, the inflation in the country increased in February after five consecutive months of decline.

The inflation rose to 8.78% in February and again to 9.33% in March. In April, the general inflation rate decreased slightly to 9.24%.

The BBS said in its statistics that food inflation has decreased due to reduced prices of fish, meat, vegetables, spices, and tobacco products.

Besides, the prices of furniture, household goods, medical care, transportation, and educational materials remain unchanged. Inflation in the non-food sector was 9.72% in April, compared to 9.72% in the previous month (March).

But this time, the inflation rate has increased in cities compared with villages The rural general inflation rate was 8.92% in April, while the urban inflation rate was 9.68 percent during the same period.

On the one hand, inflation has decreased slightly, as the wage rates have increased slightly. The wage index was 7.23% in April. In March it was 7.18%.

BBS claims that consumers get relief in April due to a slight increase in the wage index and a decrease in inflation.


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