Manufacturing units in Bangladesh’s Bangabandhu Shilpa Nagar have commenced commercial production

BTJ Desk Report
Manufacturing units in Bangladesh's Bangabandhu Shilpa Nagar have commenced commercial production

The commencement of commercial production is underway in the factories located within the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar (BSMSN) at Mirer-sarai Economic Zone (MEZ) in Chittagong. This marks a significant milestone as Shilpa Nagar prepares to dispatch its inaugural consignment of exports.

The China-owned KPST Su (BD) Company Limited received approval from the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) after completing all necessary processes. The industrial hub is gearing up for the export of goods, with the initial shipment expected to include EVA sheets for shoe-making materials.

KPST Shoe (BD) Company Limited initiated commercial production with a current investment of US $3.48 million and an overall investment plan totaling US $8.06 million. Following export procedures, the first shipment is slated to be sent to Blue Ocean Footwear in Gazipur, a designated foreign buyer procuring shoe-making materials from KPST.

As the first export takes place in Bangabandhu Shilpa Nagar, two additional companies are also preparing for production.


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