Medical textile; the highest growing sector of the technical textile market

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Medical textile; the highest growing sector of the technical textile market

Medical or healthcare textiles constitute one of the highest growing sectors in the technical textile market due to the increased use of textile materials across healthcare and medical products.

According to the sector people, medical textiles are fiber-based products used in the medical industry either for the treatment of an injury or to provide an appropriate condition for health care applications such as prevention, care, and hygiene.

The applications of medical textiles range from cotton bandages to tissue engineering. The medical textile includes products like dressings, implants, surgical sutures, medical devices, diapers, sanitary napkins, wipes, and barrier fabrics.

Sector people also said that the advancement in textile and medical technologies has made medical healthcare an important industry in textiles.

According to a recent article published in RESIL, the increased demand for medical textiles has been caused by present-day societal changes such as hazards of civilization and human activity.

In the field of medical application, textiles fulfill important functions within the body like intra-corporal applications like implants.

However, it has become possible only due to the development of many fiber types, yarns, fabrics, non-woven materials, woven, braided, as well as knitted fabrics.

Physical and chemical re-engineering of fibers, the use of functional finishes, and the production of stimuli-sensitive materials are major approaches for developing innovative medical textiles.

According to the sector people, there are several types of medical textiles like non-implantable materials, implantable materials, textiles in extra corporeal devices, and healthcare/hygiene products.


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