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New York State set to ban apparel treated by PFAS chemical

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New York state is preparing to ban the use of PFAS chemicals in the manufacturing of apparel and clothing.

The move will come under a new law signed by governor Kathy Hochul, and is set to take effect on December 31 of 2023.

PFAS chemicals, also known as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl, have increasingly concerned environmental organizations over evidence that their usage can be toxic to people.

Additionally, washing garments with the “forever chemicals” can lead to the product seeping into groundwater, and therefore drinking water supplies.

Speaking to the media, Avi Kar, senior attorney and senior director for Health and Food at the National Resource Defence Council, said; “It’s fantastic to see New York joining California in phasing out toxic ‘forever’ PFAS chemicals in clothes.

“It’s important that we do away with unnecessary uses of these harmful chemicals wherever possible to protect people’s health and safety.

“This is not the first PFAS law New York has passed, and it shouldn’t be its last. New York continues to build on its leadership by enacting this law that adds to previous bans on PFAS in firefighting foam and paper-based food packaging.”

New York joins California in carrying out such a move, with the West coast state also signing in a similar law last year that required the phasing out of PFAS chemicals in clothing and cosmetics.

The state hopes the implementation of such a law will stop the use of PFAS in numerous products throughout North America and internationally.


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