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Report on ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022 Road Show in Dhaka

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A Report on ITMA ASIA + CITME 2022 Road Show in Dhaka

In the dynamic world of textile manufacturing, innovation is the driving force behind progress. The International Textile Machinery Exhibition Asia (ITMA Asia) and China International Textile Machinery Exhibition (CITME) 2022 emerged as a beacon of technological advancement, a showcase of ingenuity, and a catalyst for transformation in the global textile industry.  ITMA Asia + CITME, a biennial event, is one of the most anticipated gatherings of textile industry professionals, technocrats, and visionaries from around the world. This exhibition stands as a testament to the industry’s commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and technological excellence. The 2022 version will be held in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China this year and promises to draw a diverse audience eager to witness the latest innovations in textile machinery, materials, and processes.

Bangladesh Textile Journal to host roadshows in Narayanganj, Dhaka

As a promotion partner of the event, Bangladesh Textile Journal (BTJ) recently organized two road show programs at Dhaka & Narayanganj. The pioneer textile magazine in Bangladesh, BTJ is not just a publication; it is a testament to the unwavering spirit of a nation that has transformed itself into a textile powerhouse. With its finger on the pulse of the industry, this journal serves as a lighthouse, guiding industry stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts through the ever-evolving tides of the textile sector. With the two road shows, BTJ hopes to establish a lighthouse for all textile enthusiasts of Bangladesh who will attend the exhibition and bring about a revolution of efficiency and innovation within the ever-growing Bangladesh textile industry.

About ITMA ASIA & Bangladesh Textile Journal

ITMA Asia is a prestigious trade show dedicated to the textile and garment industry in the Asian region. Organized by the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX) and its Chinese counterpart, the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT-Tex), ITMA Asia has emerged as a leading platform for showcasing cutting-edge textile technologies, facilitating industry collaborations, and driving innovation. The exhibition series traces its roots back to 2001 when the first edition was held in Singapore. Since then, it has become a biennial event, with subsequent editions hosted in China’s textile hub, Shanghai. The show’s history is marked by a commitment to promoting technological advancements in the textile industry and fostering international cooperation. Over the years, ITMA Asia has grown in stature, attracting thousands of exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. As it looks to the future, ITMA Asia is poised to continue playing a pivotal role in shaping the textile industry’s trajectory towards sustainability, digitalization, and global expansion.

The promotion partner of ITMA Asia in Bangladesh is Bangladesh Textile Journal. The Bangladesh Textile Journal (BTJ) is a prominent industry publication dedicated to the textile and apparel sector in Bangladesh. Providing a wealth of knowledge and insights, BTJ serves as a vital resource for professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in the textile industry. Established with the goal of promoting the textile industry of Bangladesh, BTJ has a rich history dating back to its inception. Over the years, it has evolved into a leading platform for disseminating information, trends, and innovations within the sector. BTJ’s commitment to serving the textile community is evident through its comprehensive coverage of the industry’s developments. It has played a crucial role in informing, inspiring, and promoting the textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh. Its commitment to comprehensive coverage, promotion of innovation, and vision for sustainability positions it as an essential resource for industry players. As it moves forward, BTJ’s aspirations for digital transformation, education, and global expansion underscore its commitment to remaining a leading voice in the textile sector, both in Bangladesh and worldwide.

The Event

The Dhaka Road Show event was held on La Vita Banquet Hall at Lakeshore Hotel, Gulshan. The event was graced by top minds of the Bangladesh textile industry along with prominent guests from both local and international enterprises. Around 70+ participants attended the event.

The ITMA Asia + CITME 2022 Road Show commenced at 4:15 PM with a warm welcome by the presenter. The event opened with an inspirational speech that set the tone for an afternoon filled with insights, innovation, and industry camaraderie. The event began with an opening address from the presenter Mr. Imtiaz that greeted the attendees and extended a warm welcome to the ITMA Asia + CITME 2022 Road Show. The presenter emphasized the event’s significance as a convergence of textile innovation and excellence, celebrating the essence of the textile industry. The audience was reminded that they were not just participants but heralds of a future shaped by ingenuity and collaboration.

The presenter described the upcoming exhibition to be held in Shanghai, China, as more than just an event. It was characterized as a canvas where tradition met innovation, craftsmanship intertwined with technology, and the past fused with the future. The textile industry was portrayed as a global force that impacts millions of lives, representing aspirations, style, values, and a commitment to sustainability. Attendees were encouraged to embrace change and innovation, celebrating the artistry inherent in the industry. The exhibition was hailed as a testament to the sector’s resilience, having overcome numerous challenges to emerge stronger, more sustainable, and interconnected than ever before. The presenter spoke of the upcoming exhibition as a platform to witness cutting-edge machinery, sustainable practices, and revolutionary technologies poised to reshape the textile industry. The future of textiles was said to lie at the intersection of tradition and innovation, and the event was identified as the birthplace of this transformation. During the speech a short introductory video presentation on Bangladesh Textile Journals journey, vision and commitment to uphold worldwide news coverage of the textile industry.

With that, the presenter welcomes the honored speakers and invited upon the stage to share their minds with the audience. The event featured notable personalities as guests of honor, including

  1. Liang Pengcheng, Executive Vice President of the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade otherwise known as CCPIT TEX
  2. Tang Rong, Director of Planning Department of Beijing Textile International Exhibition Limited Company (BJITME)
  3. Dong Shuo, Project Manager, Beijing Textile Machinery International Exhibition Co. Limited (BJITME)
  4. Mohammad Abdullah Zaber, Managing Director, Noman Group & Editor, Bangladesh Textile Journal.
  5. Khorshed Alam, Chairman & Managing Director of Little Group, Director of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association as well as the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Development of Local Spinning, Weaving & Dyeing-Finishing Mills, and Advisor & Chairman for the Arbitration Committee of Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  6. Enamul Karim, Executive Director of Spinning Unit, Noman Group of Industries
  7. S.H Fahim, Deputy General Manager, Business Development, Process & Coordinator to Managing Director, Noman Group of Industries.

At the first of the speaker’s session, A video message from Mr. Liang Pengcheng, Executive Vice President of CCPIT TEX was presented. He emphasized the global importance of the event and the collaboration between China and Bangladesh and the significance of collaboration between international textile communities. Then a video presentation from Ms. Dong Shuo, Project Manager of BJITME was shown. She presented an overview of the ITMA Asia + CITME 2022 International Exhibition, providing valuable insights into the event’s scope and offerings along with a promotional video from the previous ITMA ASIA.

From the present speakers panel first came Mr. Enamul Karim, Executive Director of Spinning Unit, Noman Group of Industries, He emphasized on the significance of collaborating on ITMA ASIA and how it can provide sustainable and innovative approaches to our industry in Bangladesh.

After Mr. Enamul Karim, Mr. S.H Fahim, Deputy General Manager, Business Development, Process & Coordinator to Managing Director, Noman Group of Industries provided his valuable insights from his previous visits at ITMA ASIA and pondered the significance of how Bangladesh Textile Industry can be profited from adopting the technologies and innovations exhibited on ITMA ASIA.

After Mr. Fahim’s conclusion the stage was passed to Mohammad Abdullah Zaber, honorable Managing Director of Noman Group of Industries as well as the Editor of Bangladesh Textile Journal. He provided a view on the recent economical status of the Industry in a global scale, and how ITMA ASIA can provide valuable insights on how to elevate the industry from that situation.

After that, Mr. Khorshed Alam, a veteran on China-Bangladesh collaboration and an expert on Textile Industry provided significant information’s on the status of the industry in Bangladesh and the opportunities collaboration may bring. How China being the global leader in Textile and how collaboration with international communities is the key to achieve global success in the textile sector.

A lively question and answer session followed, allowing attendees to seek clarifications and additional information about the upcoming exhibition. Ms. Tang Rong, Director of Planning Department of BJITME, joined the discussion, addressing queries and providing further insights.

The event concluded at 5:50 PM with words of gratitude from the presenter. Bangladesh Textile Journal (BTJ) was acknowledged for organizing the informative road show. The event celebrated the textile industry’s resilience, innovation, and commitment to sustainability. The Road Show successfully accomplished its goal of inspiring, informing, and engaging attendees. It provided a preview of the upcoming exhibition and celebrated the textile industry’s resilience, innovation, and commitment to sustainability. The presenter extended thanks to all participants, speakers, and attendees for their active participation. The event came to a close, leaving attendees inspired and eager for the upcoming exhibition in Shanghai, China from 19-23rd November, 2023.


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