Sourcemap partners Kharon on forced labour

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Sourcemap partners Kharon on forced labour

Traceability solutions provider Sourcemap has partnered with risk intelligence company Kharon to help companies avoid forced labour risks in their supply chains and stay onside of new legislation, media reported.

It means Sourcemap’s customers, which include global manufacturers and brands, will be able to automatically verify their end-to-end supply chain maps against Kharon’s labour dataset to ensure compliance with existing – and emerging – import regulations.

In the US, the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) – which bans imports from the Xinjiang region of China on the presumption they are made with forced labour unless it can be proved otherwise – came into effect in June.

Meanwhile, the European Union’s (EU) proposed Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (EU CSDD) directive will make larger companies based or active in the single market liable for human rights and environmental issues in their global supply chains.

Earlier this year, Sourcemap launched its ‘Forced Labour Due Diligence Solution’ to help businesses prove the absence of forced labour within their imports and provide visibility into every tier of the supply chain.

Through integration with Kharon’s forced labour dataset, Sourcemap says its customers will now benefit from deeper, actionable insights on thousands of high-risk entities and their subsidiaries, including those based in or near areas with known ties to forced labour.

“Consumers, regulators and enforcement authorities are paying increasing attention to forced labour concerns. At the same time, companies are recognising that forced labour and business risks have become intrinsically connected,” said Kit Conklin, vice president of global client engagement at Kharon.

“Companies striving to address and eliminate forced labor exposure from their supply chains can be assured by the integration of Kharon’s data into Sourcemap’s Forced Labour Due Diligence Solution.”

Sourcemap CEO and founder Leonardo Bonanni added: “As more governments worldwide enact forced labor-related trade restrictions, it’s clear that every business entity has skin in the game to ensure that supply chains run as smoothly as possible.

“Our customers have global footprints and look to Sourcemap to lead the way on supply chain transparency and provide a solution to help navigate new standards for greater business and social impact.”


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