The textile footwear market to see a growth of 4.84% in 2021-2026

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The textile footwear market to see a growth of 4.84% in 2021-2026

The market growth of textile footwear or footwear made of fabrics is estimated at 4.84% annually between 2021-2026, according to TexPro.

 According to the insiders, textile footwear is expected to fare better than footwear made of rubber and plastic, leather, and more, and the segment has completely recovered from the COVID-19 disruption.

The market size for textile footwear was estimated at 5,825.44 million pairs in 2015 which grew to 7,034.15 million pairs in 2019.

It slipped to 6,286.22 million pairs in 2020 due to the pandemic disruption, however, it recovered again to 7,135.43 million pairs in 2021.

The market size is expected to grow to 7,767.56 million pairs in 2022, 8,105.01 million pairs in 2023, 8,435.01 million pairs in 2024, 8,754.50 million pairs in 2025, and 9,037.99 million pairs in 2026, TexPro data showed.

The global footwear market size was 23,000.10 million pairs in 2015 which reached 25,016.87 million pairs in 2019 but it came down to 20,399.94 million pairs in 2020.

The market size increased to 22,429.72 million pairs in 2021 but could not touch the pre-COVID level, which is likely to be surpassed in 2023 when the market size reaches 24,395.10 million pairs.

However, the global footwear market may reach 23,730.65 million pairs in 2022, 24,395.10 million pairs in 2023, 24,995.23 million pairs in 2024, 25,560.13 million pairs in 2025, and 26,073.89 million pairs in 2026.

The rubber and plastic footwear market are unlikely to recover completely until 2026.


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