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Tunis textile and apparel exports see 16.78% growth in Q1 2023

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Tunis textile and apparel exports see 16.78% growth in Q1 2023

The first quarter of 2023 saw a 16.78% growth in textile and apparel exports to TND 2,626.6 million, Agency Tunis Afrique Press reported citing the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy.

According to the report, exports in this industry increased by 14.61% in euro terms from the same period in 2022 to Euro 788.3 million, with an expected coverage rate of 145%.

These results were 22.11% in dinars (TND 2,151.1 million) and 26.64% in euros (Euro 622.5 million) more than the export value realized in the same time of 2019 (before the COVID-19 epidemic).

In March 2023, exports increased by 16.72% to 926.4 million dinars and this increase to Euro 278.2 million, or 14.38%, was expressed in euros.

In the first quarter of 2023, exports of trousers increased by 16.99% to TND 646.2 million, or Euro 193.9 million (marking a growth of 14.82% compared to the same time in 2022).

Trouser exports make up 29% of all exports of ready-to-wear clothes.

Exports of ready-to-wear apparel from Tunisia are mostly destined for nations in the European Union (EU), particularly the French, Italian, German, Belgian, Portuguese, and Dutch markets.

As a result, exports to this region totaled about Euro 640.4 million in the first quarter of 2023, increasing 19.80% from 2022 and making up 81% of all exports in the industry.

As for Tunisia’s ready-to-wear clothing imports, they went down in value by 51.11% to 58.1 MD and in quantity by 26.26% to 0.8 thousand tonnes compared to the same period of 2022.


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