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US Cotton Trust Protocol claims milestone

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US Cotton Trust Protocol claims milestone

The US Cotton Trust Protocol has announced that it has now tracked more than three million kilograms of cotton through its proprietary Protocol Consumption Management Solution (PCMS).

The trust protocol says that verified data also reveals that PCMS has now tracked more than 11 million finished products.

Gary Adams, president of the US Cotton Trust Protocol, said it was significant the milestones had been reached during a key month for the industry, coinciding with New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

“Coming in the middle of the world fashion month, these figures are not only timely but outstanding in terms of the progress that the US Cotton Trust Protocol has achieved in the three short years since its inception,” he said.

“Using the PCMS, brand, and retailer members can make a variety of claims, including on-product, that are based on data-backed, verified protocol consumption units.

“Providing transparency through the supply chain is one of the trust protocol’s core premises and we’re proud to be the world’s first sustainable cotton fiber program to offer its members article-level transparency.”

PCMS leverages blockchain and other digital technologies to record and verify the movement of cotton at every stage of the supply chain in near real-time.

However, it requires all members of the supply chain – including mills and manufacturers – to be members of the trust protocol.

The protocol claims to be the only sustainability system that provides verifiable goals to drive improvement in six key areas – land use, soil carbon, water management, soil loss, GHG emissions, and energy efficiency.

It captures key environmental and social data under a farm-level, science-based system and reports these annually on an aggregated basis.


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