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Z&Z Fabric Week is going on in full swing by showcasing sustainable products lines

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Z&Z Fabric Week is going on in full swing by showcasing sustainable products lines

The 12th edition of Zaber and Zubair Fabric Week is going on in full swing by showcasing innovations and sustainable product lines.

Starting on January 22, the exhibition is witnessing the presence of a bunch of visitors every day – including buyers, local manufacturers, representatives, and well-wishers.


At this edition, they are showcasing 40 innovations and 200 new products to international buyers and local apparel makers for the spring and summer seasons of 2024.

Among their innovations, sorona fibre – a partially plant-based polymer and a unique molecular structure innovated by North California-based leading textile company Sorona, is the most mentionable.

This eco-efficient and new-generation fibre is one of the most innovative textile materials for clothing and brings a unique combination of performance advantages.


Moreover, the pineapple fabric is also among the best new presentations.

They also made a significant development of some of their innovations of the last seasons like banana, jute, viscose, and other fabrics.

Mixing them with cotton and polyester, we produced new types of eco-friendly and sustainable products.

The officials said that this season, they are showcasing fabric collections for the international market that are mostly made of eco-friendly fabrics with sustainable properties.

Md Shofiqur Rahman, executive director (sales and marketing) of Zaber and Zubair Fabrics Bangladesh said that they have worked with pineapple, banana, viscose, and jute fibers.

“We have mixed them with cotton and polyester to produce new types of eco-friendly and sustainable products,” he added.

Fabric Week 2023 is based on the spring and summer seasons of the next year and the clothes of these seasons must have to be compact, comfortable, and lightweight.

“Based on this research, we have brought almost 40 new products at this season’s fabric week,” he added.

Sorona is one of the major innovations of this season’s fabric week. It can be used instead of spandex and is stretchable, recoverable, and comfortable.

Pradeep Khatri, senior general manager (business development) of Zaber and Zubair Fabrics said that the fabric week is a great platform for both the buyers and the local manufacturers.

“Zaber and Zubair always look for innovation, development and new products and in this continuation, we also bring new products this week,” he added.

Asheque Md Imran Hossain, a representative of GreenMil, with whom Zaber and Zubair is producing Sorona, said that spandex can’t be recyclable but sorona can be.

“37% of the raw materials needed to produce sorona comes from industrial corn. It is the most sustainable alternative to spandex,” he added.

They (GreenMil and Zaber & Zubair) have been working on sorona since 2017 and presented it to the buyers like Inditex.

This innovation has already been presented to several buyers including Inditex and the buyers showed their interest.

Sorona – the dyeable, warm, and long-lasting fabric – is widely used in various textile applications like sportswear, outwear, denim, swimwear, intimate apparel, etc.

The top officials of the company said that several buyers have already visited their event and the crowd is expected to be more in the coming days.

For the 12th time in Bangladesh’s textile history, Zaber & Zubair Fabrics is hosting an international fabric expo as the only company for global apparel buyers from January 22 to 27 at its Gulshan marketing office.

Zaber & Zubair Fabrics is the largest textile division of the Noman Group of Industries.

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