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Bangladesh made remarkable progress in workplace safety

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Bangladesh made remarkable progress in workplace safety

Bangladesh has earned global accolades for making remarkable strides in the areas of workplace safety, environmental sustainability, and workers’ rights and welfare in the garment sector, said Faruque Hassan, president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

Bangladesh’s garment industry has continued its all-out efforts to grow in a manner that is sustainable and leaves a positive impact on the planet and the people, Hassan said.

The BGMEA president was sharing his views at a webinar organized by International Trade Center (ITC).

He said the BGMEA has made strides towards making the RMG industry of Bangladesh one of the safest and greenest industries in the world.

Bangladesh is recognized and praised globally as one of the safest and greenest apparel sourcing destinations in the world, and its impressive achievements have boosted the trust and confidence of global buyers in the garments with the “Made in Bangladesh” tag, said Hassan.

He thanked the ITC for featuring the commendable good practices of Bangladesh’s RMG industry in the Good Practices in the Global Apparel Industry, the latest publication launched by the ITC.

BGMEA has been selected in the publication as a case study of best practices in the category of “Effective management of industry”.


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