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BGMEA and Jeanologia to collaborate on promoting green technologies in RMG sector

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BGMEA and Jeanologia to collaborate on promoting green technologies in RMG sector

Jeanologia, a globally renowned textile technology manufacturer, will join hands with BGMEA to support Bangladesh’s RMG industry in adopting innovative technologies and processes to become more efficient and sustainable.

The commitment to collaboration was expressed when founder and CEO of Jeanologia Enrique Silla met BGMEA President Faruque Hassan at latter’s office in Dhaka on August 30.

Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange and Managing Director of Denim Expert Ltd. Mostafiz Uddin, Country Director-Bangladesh Tarin Choudhury and Division Director_CEA Manuj Kanchan were also present on the occasion.

Jeanologia will provide support to the Centre of Innovation Efficiency and OSH with the technical know-how of the latest textile technologies and processes for dissemination across the RMG industry of Bangladesh.

The Centre, established by BGMEA, aims to support the RMG industry with knowledge, skills and technical knowledge to face the future challenges and enhance its competitiveness.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan said the collaboration with Jeanologia has come as a part of BGMEA’s commitment and constant efforts to pursue the growth of the RMG industry in a sustainable way that has a positive impact on people and the planet.

He said, “The global apparel industry consumes a huge amount of freshwater mostly extracted from the ground. Globally leading apparel brands are focusing on reducing water consumption in the process of manufacturing garments. BGMEA has pledged to reduce dependency on groundwater resources and diversify source mix.”

In its strategic vision, BGMEA has set a target to reduce water footprint by up to 50 per cent by 2030. In its continuous journey to achieve excellence in sustainability adopting such eco-friendly technologies are imperative, Faruque Hassan added.

Enrique Silla, Jeanologia CEO, said water will be the main cost driver in near future, so by helping Bangladesh to become a waterless textile hub, we will align both the planet and the economical interest of our customers which are  BGMEA   associates.

Jeanologia has invented some ground-breaking washing technologies that reduce the water footprint of products and eventually lessen the pollution load on the aquatic ecosystem.


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