Cambodia eyes to beat Bangladesh, Vietnam in apparel exports to Canada

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Cambodia eyes to beat Bangladesh, Vietnam in apparel exports to Canada

Cambodia is trying hard to push exports to Canada by overtaking Bangladesh and Vietnam in terms of apparel exports to the North American country.

In 2021, Cambodia was in the fourth position in Canada’s apparel imports, while Bangladesh and Vietnam were in the second and third positions respectively, ahead by only a minor margin.

According to TexPro, Canada imported apparel worth $9.599 billion last year. Cambodia supplied apparel worth $1.047 billion, which was 10.91% of the total.

The country remained in the fourth position while China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam stood at first, second, and third position respectively in terms of apparel supply to Canada.

Bangladesh supplied 13.38% (value of $1.284 billion) and Vietnam 12.49% ($1.199 billion).

Looking at the figures, it is possible for Cambodia to beat Bangladesh and Vietnam in apparel supply to Canada in near future.

In its efforts to push garment exports, the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) opened a representative office in Toronto, Canada.

Key talks are likely to be held with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he attends the ASEAN Summit in Cambodia next month.

Canada-Cambodia bilateral trade is already in fast-track mode as Cambodia’s merchandise exports to Canada grew 22.61% in the first eight months of this year.

The apparel exports to Canada also increased 20.06% year-on-year to $1,047.663 million in 2021.

According to TexPro, Cambodia’s apparel exports were recorded at $872.980 million in 2020 compared to $1,009.641 million in 2019, $899.339 million in 2018, and $815.269 million in 2017.

Canada was the third largest market of Cambodia for apparel exports with a share of 9.44% of its total shipment of $11.102 billion in 2021.


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