Dhaka’s dengue situation will become severe in the coming years

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Dhaka's dengue situation will become severe in the coming years

Aedes mosquito is breeding in dirty water even though it laid its eggs in clean water. Experts say that this species of dengue mosquito has been able to expand its range to a large extent only by changing its behavior. Especially the accumulated dirty water of canals and reservoirs of the capital has become a free breeding ground for mosquitoes. For this, experts are blaming the mismanagement of these canals and the lack of steps taken for sustainable development. They warned that the situation in the capital will take a more dire shape in the coming years.

The dengue situation in the whole country is gradually deteriorating. Especially in Dhaka, the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to dengue is increasing every day. The Directorate of Health reported the admission of 1,755 people in various hospitals across the country in the last 24 hours. 9 people died. 8 of them are from Dhaka. Earlier on Wednesday, a record of 19 deaths were reported in the history of the country. Among them, 17 people were from Dhaka.

For this situation, the failure of canal-reservoir management of the two city corporations of Dhaka is now being blamed for the weather-related reasons. Experts fear that the number of patients and deaths from this disease may increase in the coming years.


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