Italian company Bozzetto Group acquires Levaco’s fibre division

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Italian company Bozzetto Group acquires Levaco's fibre division

Bozzetto Group, the global specialty chemicals company with over €200 million revenues and a global industrial footprint, has announced the 100% acquisition of the fibre division from Levaco Chemicals GmbH, a privately owned company based in Leverkusen and part of Diersch & Schröder GmbH.

This acquisition, effective from November 3, 2022, is in line with the long-term strategy of the Group, which has strengthened its man-made fibres leadership position over the past years and has the ambition to become one of the global benchmarks in specialty chemicals, bringing increased service level and innovation, Bozzetto Group said in a media release.

“Bozzetto Group confirms the success of its long-term vision, having foreseen an extraordinary time for the fibre chemical sector. Man-made fibres, especially recycled MMF, are undoubtedly the protagonists of the market. Know-how and an R&D-oriented approach are the keys to this business success, and the Italian Group has proven to have both,” the company said to the media.

The Italian HQ of Bozzetto Group is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and pilot plants, developing sustainable solutions for synthetic fibres and viscose/lyocell on a daily basis.


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