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Japan, the first Asian country to deploy ChatGPT’s Artificial Intelligence tools in their daily work in Government sector

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Japan, the first Asian country to deploy ChatGPT’s Artificial Intelligence tools in their daily work in Government sector

Japan government now thinking to use AI tools in their daily administrative work for example, crafting draft responses to parliamentary queries. Microsoft is going to supply Japan’s government with the technology underpinning its ChatGPT generative AI tools and for the system to handle confidential information, Microsoft had recently installed equipment with high processing power that will be used for generative AI at its data center in Tokyo and Osaka, the first time the technology will be deployed in Asia.

Japanese government, like many other governments around the world, has been exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies to enhance administrative tasks and improve public services. AI-powered systems like ChatGPT could potentially be adopted to assist with tasks such as customer support, information dissemination, and basic inquiries.

Here are a few ways in which AI technologies like ChatGPT might be used by the Japanese government or any government for administrative tasks:

  1. Customer Support: Chatbots powered by AI can provide quick responses to citizens’ questions and concerns, helping to alleviate the workload of human customer support agents.
  2. Information Dissemination: AI systems can help disseminate information about government services, policies, and announcements in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Language Translation: AI can assist in translating documents or communications between government officials and citizens who speak different languages.
  4. Automated Forms and Applications: AI-powered systems can guide citizens through various forms and applications, making the process more user-friendly and reducing errors.
  5. Data Analysis: AI can help analyze large datasets to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can inform policy decisions.
  6. Routine Administrative Tasks: AI can handle routine administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and sending reminders and answers to enquiries.

AI technologies can offer efficiency and convenience, they might not be suitable for all tasks and should be implemented thoughtfully to ensure accuracy, privacy, and fairness. And we may see slowly many other institutions and organizations will take over AI based tools in their daily work.


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