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Knitwear manufacturers demand LC in Taka to cope with the dollar crisis

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Knitwear manufacturers demand LC in Taka to cope with the dollar crisis

Knitwear manufacturers in the country demanded the use of Bangladeshi Taka instead of US dollars for opening LCs at the local level.

Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA) recently made the demand in a letter to the governor of Bangladesh Bank.

The organization believes the dollar crisis will be somewhat relaxed if the central bank approves its demand.

According to industry insiders, due to the dollar crisis in the banks, the import-export trade of the country has been disrupted severely for the last few weeks.

A number of commercial banks are unable to meet their LC liabilities and the crisis has created instability in the interbank foreign exchange market.

In such a situation, BKMEA Executive President Mohammad Hatem sent a letter to the central bank governor making the demand.

“In the context of the global recession, the dollar crisis is going on all over the world and Bangladesh is not exempt to it,” the letter read.

The letter also said that the commercial banks are struggling to meet the demand for dollars to open LCs and repay their payments which hurts the export sector of the country.

“Nearly 80% of the raw materials of the knitwear sector are procured from the domestic level. It will be easier to deal with the dollar crisis if the LCs are opened in Taka instead of US dollars at the local level,” Mohammad Hatem said in the letter.

Moreover, due to the policy process of dollar conversion, they are facing a huge loss due to the difference of Tk7-8 per dollar.

“If the system of paying in Taka instead of US dollars is adopted for the purchase and payment of debt securities, the crisis can be dealt with” the letter read.


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