ORBIT Ring-Traveler System

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ORBIT Ring-Traveler System



ORBIT Ring-Traveler System

The reference to spin faster and better

The key to success of a ring spinning mill lies in its ability to produce flawless quality with the highest possible production speed. Selecting the best ringtraveler system is crucial here. ORBIT allows exceptional speeds above 23 000 rpm without compromising quality.

When the spindle speed is increased, the frictional power between the ring and the traveler, and thus the heat generation, increases exponentially. When speeds are too high, C-shaped travelers are therefore thermally damaged and fail.

Increase in speed and production

The ORBIT features a large contact surface between the ring and the traveler (Fig. 1), which is four to five times bigger than that of a T-flange ring. This drastically reduces the pressure and thus the heat generation. It also provides more stable running conditions and allows the traveler weight to be reduced, so speeds above 23 000 rpm can be reached.

The size of the yarn passage also plays an important role (Fig 1), especially when processing man-made fibers which are prone to heat damages. The ORBIT ringtraveler system benefits from a large yarn passage which minimizes thermal damages for better yarn quality.

Zero compromise on quality

The large contact area of ORBIT between the ring and traveler contributes to the gentle handling of fibers. The stable running conditions coupled with the reduced surface pressure and the optimal heat conduction result in low yarn breakage rates. Recent tests (Fig. 2) conducted at spinning mills across the world confirm that even at higher speeds, the ORBIT shows better results in yarn quality than traditional systems.

Often imitated but never duplicated, the ORBIT ring-traveler system (Fig. 3) is the reference for spinning at the highest speed. With a wide scope of applications for all kinds of fibers, with yarn counts between Ne 20 and Ne 80, the ORBIT ring-traveler system is the solution to reach higher production and, in some cases, even better quality.


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