OTM BD started manufacturing with a grand opening ceremony at their factory

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OTM BD had started manufacturing with a grand opening ceremony at their factory

Operating Theatre Medical Bangladesh Co. Ltd. (OTM) is owned by a Belgium-based manufacturer. The company is chaired by Mr. Franklin, who started his business, OR Medical, in China in 2002. In China, they produce large volumes of medical gowns, PPE, hats, gloves, shoe covers, masks, and coveralls, primarily exporting to EU countries. Continuing their expansion, they established a manufacturing unit in Bangladesh in 2022 under the name OTM BD. Production began on May 20, 2024, with a forecasting capacity of half a million units per day. Their products are made from fully non-woven, biodegradable materials.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Mr. Towheed Elahi, General Manager, operation of OTM BD. Many distinguished guests were present including government officials, journalists, factory owners, law and enforcement high officials, fire safety, workers and suppliers. Among them, Mr. Franklin Busschaert, chairman of OTM, Ms. Justine Buschaert, managing director of OTM BD, Ms. Sherry, china consultant for OTM, Mr. Nagaraj, county director of TUV SUD Bangladesh, Ms. Nur Nahar, senior assistant vice president, One Bank, Ms. Sagorika mondal, managing director of Concordia pacific garments Bangladesh, Mr. Imran, additional SP of Bangladesh industrial police, Mr. Nazrul, operation GM, TUV SUD Bangladesh, Fire service Gazipur representatives, Mr. Jahangir, chairman of Giant group and also OTM BD’s officials and workers. Speeches from guests and the owners made the event vibrant and interactive. Masranga television and Bangladesh Textile Journal had covered the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Ms. Sherry, adorned in traditional Bangladeshi attire for this grand occasion at the newly built factory premises, expressed her gratitude for OTM’s presence in Bangladesh. The Chinese counterparts of OTM Bangladesh are optimistic about the new production plant in Kaliakoir, Gazipur. They have brought their expertise to establish this facility in Bangladesh. Ms. Sherry, along with the entire Chinese team, attended the opening ceremony, showcasing their commitment and support for this new venture.

Ms. Justine Busschaert, Managing Director of OTM Bangladesh, delivered an inspiring speech expressing heartfelt gratitude to her dedicated team for their hard work and commitment in achieving their production plant ready within such a short period. She encouraged everyone to maintain this level of excellence to achieve even better outcomes, contribute significantly to the national economy, and become a vital part of the export sector.

Ms. Justine emphasized the potential role of OTM Bangladesh in benefiting the local community and economy. She also extended her sincere thanks to government officials and other stakeholders present at the occasion, requesting their continued support to enhance OTM Bangladesh’s production and exports, benefiting workers, clients, and suppliers. She highlighted that while OTM Bangladesh is their first venture in the country, it certainly won’t be their last, signaling future growth and ongoing contributions to Bangladesh’s economy.

In his speech, Mr. Franklin Busschaert, Chairman of OTM Group, shared his entrepreneurial journey. He began in 2002 by establishing a plant in China, where he succeeded and became one of Europe’s largest suppliers of medical gowns, PPE, and gloves. He expressed gratitude to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this achievement possible, particularly his friend who inspired the dream of having a production plant in Bangladesh. He thanked all his team members, consultants, experts, and suppliers who contributed to starting production in Bangladesh for the first time.

He believe that with an effective management team and dedicated workforce, they can achieve success and scale up their operations to establish a larger plant in the near future. He projected, by 2027, there would be another expanded factory framework for OTM BD.


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