Record Bangladeshis renouncing citizenship to settle abroad

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Record Bangladeshis renouncing citizenship to settle abroad

Since 2017, as many as 2,555 people have settled outside of Bangladesh and forsaken their nationality, media reported citing data from the Home Ministry.

During the time period, the record highest annual number was 498, just in the first two months (January-February) of this year. The number was 120 in 2017, which was the lowest. According to acquired data, the number was 425 in 2022.

The report also said that 470 people gave up their Bangladeshi citizenship in February of this year alone to become German citizens. Nonetheless, the majority of those applications came in 2021 and 2022.

Speaking to the media, Md Habibur Rahman, additional secretary of the Security Services Division of the home ministry said that Bangladeshis who reside in other nations request to renounce their citizenship in Bangladesh in order to obtain citizenship in their current living nation and the government, after conducting the necessary scrutiny, authorizes such petitions.

The home ministry claims that many nations throughout the world do not permit dual citizenship until the person renounces their prior citizenship.

Several Bangladeshis abandon their Bangladeshi citizenship to relocate in those nations.

The majority of people who give up their citizenship in Bangladesh want to live better lives abroad. In addition, many people who marry foreigners depart their own countries.

According to the officials, many Bangladeshi students who pursue higher education in developed nations and/or find employment there also apply for citizenship there.

Dr. Shah Ehsan Habib, a professor of social science at Dhaka University, spoke on the issue and informed the media that people renounce citizenship for a variety of reasons, therefore those reasons cannot be stated simply.

The lack of better educational and employment prospects in Bangladesh is one of the main causes of citizenship renunciation.

People are now less geographically separated from one another as a result of technological improvement; therefore, they no longer find it awkward to be apart from family or friends.

In recent years, most people who gave up their Bangladeshi citizenship did so in order to become nationals of Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India.

Botswana, Nepal, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, South Korea, Bulgaria, Australia, Estonia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Norway, Zimbabwe, Burma, Cyprus, and Iran are among the countries where some natives of Bangladesh have acquired citizenship.

These people turned in their passports to the Bangladeshi embassies in the relevant nations.


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