RMG manufacturer CKDL partners with Singapore firm to ensure workers’ financial wellness

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RMG manufacturer CKDL partners with Singapore firm to ensure workers' financial wellness

EZ Wage, a Singapore-based financial wellness platform catering to marginalised people, is partnering with Bangladeshi readymade garments (RMG) manufacturer Croydon Kowloon Designs LTD (CKDL) to ensure financial wellness for the latter’s over 4,800 employees.

Under the platform, many employees will benefit from the “Earned Wage Access” solution as it will enable them to withdraw their required funds from their paychecks prior to payday.

The withdrawal amount is not a loan, but rather a portion of the earned wages.

This invaluable employee benefit helps build an emergency savings fund, bridges the gap between paychecks, and helps ease financial stress brought by monetary emergencies.

Both the CKDL management and employees are content with the lessened load on HR departments that does away with lengthy loan approvals and makes access to earned wages a matter of minutes.

Kamruzzaman, a sewing operator from CKDL who is an EZ Wage service recipient said that many times, money is needed for family necessities in the middle or at the end of the month, but getting a loan from friends or someone else is tough.

“But now we no longer have to go through these difficulties by using EZ Wage. Such services, in my opinion, should be provided by all organizations,” he said.

Waleed Shafiqullah, an investor in EZ Wage said that the financial crisis has become the biggest problem for lower and middle-income workers in Asia.

Many struggle to meet their fundamental necessities because they have few choices for saving money over the long term, he added.

By giving financial freedom to those EZ Wage aims to build a stress-free workplace for marginal people.

Besides, going forward, by 2023 EZ Wage aims to enable 100,000 nonbank users in EZ Wage to collaborate with MFS, Banks, RMG, and other large manufacturing companies.

Fatima Batool, the founder of EZ Wage, said that real change must begin by truly empowering those that need financial freedom the most.

This includes women and more importantly, the masses, who often have difficulty surviving paycheck to paycheck.


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