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Time and costs are saved due to the electronic delivery system at Chattogram Port

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Time and costs are saved due to the electronic delivery system at Chattogram Port

The overall operational activities at the Chattogram Port have improved as the electronic delivery order (EDO) system, was introduced in the imported goods delivery process at the port on 1 November, media reported citing Chattogram Port Authority (CPA).

Moreover, EDO has also reduced the time and cost of importers, clearing and forwarding (C&F) agents, shipping agents, and related parties.

CPA also said that it is possible to complete the delivery order process in five to 10 minutes through EDO, which used to take a day.

In addition, people concerned can complete the necessary work online without coming to the office. The launch of EDO has also stopped fraud.

Speaking to the media, CPA Secretary Md Omar Farooq said that 95% of delivery is done online at present. Merchants who are out of this process will also come under online delivery in a few days.

According to the port data, 3,500 to 4,500 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TUEs) containers are delivered to the port every day at present, which was around 2,015 containers before the EDO was launched. On 11 November, 4,053 containers were delivered.

CPA has created a separate portal called Port Community System for the EDO system.

In the EDO system, a C&F agent, on behalf of the importer, will apply for EDO by logging in to the portal after the goods land at the port yard.

The information will also be communicated to the shipping line and freight forwarder by the C&F agent.

The shipping agent will then collect the fee and send it to the C&F agent and freight forwarder. Likewise, freight forwarders will collect their charges and upload that information to the portal.

About 8,000 trucks, covered vans, and lorries enter the port every day to deliver goods. From 15 September last year, the port authority also digitized the vehicle entry fee collection.


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