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Made in Bangladesh Week to showcase country’s capabilities

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Made in Bangladesh Week to showcase country’s capabilities

The week-long Made in Bangladesh Week 2022 is set to brand the country and to showcase its capabilities, Faruque Hassan, president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), said at a briefing on Saturday.

“At the event, we will show what we have done and what we are doing in our apparel industry,” he also said.

He was speaking at the press briefing just before the commencement of the expo, which begins on Sunday.

Regarding challenges amid the ongoing global economic turmoil, Hassan said that they will continue to strive and keep Bangladesh’s market shares rising.

“We have done tremendous development in the last several years and we want to showcase that to our buyers, brands, partners, supply chain, development partners, and the media,” he added.

BGMEA president said that the event won’t create any further pressure on the dollar, but would rather help in fetching more forex reserves.

“Most of our major sponsors are from overseas, who are paying them in dollars. Moreover, 100+ participants from outside the country are taking part in this event who are making their payment in dollars, pounds or euros,” he said, adding that it will not create any deficit in dollars but will also help the economy in some ways.

Moreover, there are many sponsors in this event, who have paid the tax money of the government before giving the sponsor money. Through this, the government is also getting revenue, he added.

He also said all brands and buyers who are currently doing business with Bangladesh will be present at this event. Even those who don’t have a business will also participate.

Cem Alton, president of the International Apparel Federation, said that they are happy to organize the IAF at Dhaka, one of the biggest exporters of the apparel items of the world.

“It will be an example for the global apparel industry,” he added.

Sanjay Jain, group CEO of PDS Limited, one of the main sponsors of MIBW, thanked the BGMEA and Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) for this event.

Ranjan Mahtani, executive chairman of Epic Group, the “powered by” partner of the event, said that Bangladesh became the largest apparel exporter of the sub-continent.

In the briefing, BGMEA president also elaborated about the events, agenda, and contents of the MIBW.


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