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Turkish yarn manufacturer partners with Haelixa solution

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Turkish yarn manufacturer partners with Haelixa solution

Turkish yarn manufacturer Damteks Textiles has partnered with traceability solutions provider Haelixa to verify the sustainability credentials of its recycled materials to customers.

Haelixa embeds DNA markers at the fibre level to establish product origin and authenticity from raw material source to store.

“As a manufacturer, we feel the pressure to offer sustainability options to our customers,” commented İsmail Cem Atalay, a board member of Damteks. “Our project with Haelixa allows us to ensure that we are offering the best product while taking into consideration the future of the planet.”

Damteks says its customers are increasingly demanding more ‘sustainable’ materials, such as yarns that integrate recycled fibre.

Particularly in blended yarns and fabrics, the proportion of recycled material can be difficult to verify, leaving customers open to claims of greenwashing.

Haelixa’s solution has grown in prominence – and has notably been used by manufacturers including Pakistan’s Soorty and India’s BKS Textiles – in a push for greater supply chain verification.

Damteks’ agreement will see it apply Haelixa’s technology – in the form of a spray – applied to all recycled fibre so that its presence can be validated whether a yarn is entirely made from recycled content or only partially.

“The textile industry is adapting to the requests of consumers and regulators for more transparency and credibility when it comes to eco-friendly materials,” said Michela Puddu, CEO and co-founder of Haelixa. “Haelixa solutions allows Damteks to offer to brands traceable products that showcase their recycled origins.”


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