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A National Logistics Policy will make port management very efficient

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A National Logistics Policy will make port management very efficient

Experts stressed the formulation of a National Logistics Policy for efficient management in the port logistics sector.

They also asked for the development of the road, rail and river connectivity infrastructure with ports, and the modernization of the customs structure.

They put importance on the expansion of digital operations, establishment of bonded warehouses in the private sector and above all, implementation of an integrated logistics platform.

The experts were speaking at a seminar titled “Efficient Port Logistic Management & Trade Competitiveness of Bangladesh” organized by the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) on Monday in the capital.

Dr M Masrur Reaz, chairman of the Policy Exchange of Bangladesh presented the keynote at the seminar.

In his keynote, he said that modern port management plays an important role in expanding communication, improving efficiency and overall capacity building in international trade.

“In order to increase the capacity of the country’s ports, the formulation of integrated strategies for the development of management, infrastructure, and expansion of connectivity based on the public-private partnership (PPP) model is urgent,” he added.

In his speech as the chief guest, Mostafa Kamal, secretary of the Ministry of Shipping said that the first terminal of Payra port, established under the PPP model, will be ready for use in the next few months.

In the welcome remarks, DCCI President Rizwan Rahman said that in assessing the capacity of any country in international trade, the efficiency of port logistics management is considered very important.

“Chittagong seaport is recognized as the 64th busiest port in the world, according to the calculations of the World Bank. However, due to lack of efficient port management in terms of container handling, shortage of port yards, absence of port sheds and modern equipment, this port is far behind among Asian seaports,” he added.


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