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Bangladeshi people must believe that they are the leader in world RMG production

Jean Pierre Inchauspe | JEANOLOGIA
Bangladeshi people must believe that they are the leader in world RMG production and the world need them

Tell us about Jeanologia and its business

Jeanologia had started its journey 25 years back with a vision to lead garment’s technology in laser and in ozone machine. We have sold more than 3,000 machines around the World from where 300 machine are being sold in Bangladesh alone. Bangladesh has been a very lucrative market for us for decade. We also have developed some special unique technologies that are used to treat water for laundry for garments what we call H20.

The mission of Jeanologia is to reduce water, chemical and energies in the process from fabric to garments. That is what we call “Mission Zero”, that is very close to zero though it is not really possible to be zero exactly. Zero Chemical, Zero water and zero energy that is where we put our every effort. Jeanologia is not only Technology but it is also a process. We do not put simply machines in the market, rather we tend to add technology to their existing machines which introduce new process.

With this mission zero, in 2016, we have started the project G2Dynamic Ozone for fabric. And till today, we have 41 machines running around the world.

What about your business in Bangladesh

We are here in Bangladesh for last 15 years, selling our machines to different mills. We are selling mainly two types of machine, laser and ozone. In January 2016, we have started the project of ozone for fabric with three things in our mind, sustainability, reduce water and chemicals in the process to prepare fabric and more easy to wash through saving water, saving time and energies. Here in Bangladesh our machine is being ran in Elegant textiles, Beximco textiles, Mahmud Denims, Nice denim, Envoy Textile, Pioneer, Shasha Denim and some more factories are on the process of buying it like Anwar group and Utah.

What philosophy JEANOLOGIA has on its mind when it comes to sustainability

Though Jeanologia is based in Valencia, Spain but it has covered many countries of the World where people use Jeanologia machine in order to process their fabrics. Jeanologia are more involved in textiles. The new mind-set of the people, new ideas concerning fashions and industries, ethical philosophy of brands are very welcomed by us and we support these changes, and we support all garment manufacturers to change onto the new processes and technologies as these changes bring prosperity and ensure sustainable growth in the future.

In Bangladesh, we are trying hard to support the factories that we are working with, through reducing the cost of manufacturing and how to comply with ethical branding as these are the current trends from the big buyers around the globe. You see, the more the fabric is clean, the more it is easy to wash. My message is to take the way of sustainable textile manufacturing by which we all are saved, in the end. We must use less not more.

What is your message to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is the world leader in Textile manufacturing and I see there is no doubt on this. It has been proven since last few decades that Bangladesh is acting as a role model in RMG manufacturing. They had invested a huge amount of resources for the last three decades and became of the strongest supplier of RMG to the world. I would like to tell that Bangladeshi people must believe that they are the leader and they must believe that the world is in need of them, they must believe that nobody makes better garments than them and thus they should claim their fair prices without any obligations.


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