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Bestseller donations support vulnerable communities in producing countries of Asia

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Bestseller donations support vulnerable communities in producing countries of Asia

Danish fashion company Bestseller and its charitable foundation have donated around $715,000 to support vulnerable communities in key producing countries.

The money will be apportioned across Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Turkey, and Pakistan, with the latter still recovering from the impacts of catastrophic floods that swept through the country this summer.

“A quick glance at the list of projects clearly shows that there are many places to put your efforts when you wish to improve people’s living conditions. Therefore, this year we are allocating the funds to several projects to make a difference for more people,” said Jannek Egerrup-Hagen, director of the Bestseller Foundation.

While Bestseller has made a habit of making end-of-year donations to worthy causes on behalf of its employees, this year’s selection is more varied than usual, reflecting the staff’s willingness to support various projects.

As such, the money will be split across seven nations that are intrinsic to the clothing company’s operations.

“In all these countries we have several strong and long-term partnerships with suppliers, which is why the colleagues at Bestseller are happy to be able to contribute to making a difference for vulnerable groups in the local population.

“In general, a lot of pride is associated with the annual New Year’s donation as well as a great desire to help wherever it’s needed,” said Michael Schultze, director of global supply chain at Bestseller.

Donations must be dispersed via local organizations to ensure communities feel the immediate benefits.

The selected causes for donations are many like UCEP in Bangladesh, which supports vulnerable children and young people.


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