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BM Depot gets permission to manage export items of the RMG sector under 9 conditions

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BM Depot gets permission to manage export items of the RMG sector under 9 conditions

BM Container Depot Limited of Sitakunda, Chittagong, which was affected by the fire explosion around five months ago, has received approval for the management of export items in the garment sector.

According to the report published on Prothom Alo, the customs authority gave this temporary approval for three months under 9 conditions on Tuesday.

The 9 conditions include — non-objection of the port, compliance with all depot-related policies, ensuring fire safety, implementation of dangerous goods management policies, etc.

However, if the conditions are not complied with, the approval will be canceled after three months, the customs authority warned in the letter.

Earlier, On June 4 night, BM Depot experienced a terrible explosion that claimed 51 lives including members of the fire services, and left more than 200 people injured.

A part of the depot was turned into rubble due to a fire explosion and 154 containers carrying export goods and two containers carrying import goods were damaged in the accident.

Speaking to the media, Nurul Akhtar, general manager of the BM Depot said that the customs authorities have approved them to manage export items of the garment sector.

“The work of managing these export items is scheduled to start from today (Wednesday),” he added saying that the renovation work is going on at the depot since the accident day.

“Fire safety has been improved and installation of fire hydrants is underway to ensure water supply to extinguish the fire. These steps are being taken as per customs conditions,” he added.

BM depot is one of the 20 container depots in Chittagong authorized by the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Before the accident, the BM depot used to handle 8% of the total import-export goods.


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