Chittagong port operations may restart today afternoon

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Chittagong port operations may restart today afternoon

Following a two-day suspension of all activities due to Cyclone Mocha, it is expected that the Chittagong port will begin operations today (Monday).

Speaking to the media yesterday, Omar Faruk, the port secretary, told that they are hopeful that the port operations will resume from Monday morning (today).

He also said that they hope that the ships will begin to arrive on Monday afternoon during low tide. The port’s operations will then be in full swing and the trade in imports and exports will start.

So far, they haven’t received any news of any accident or shipwreck in the waters under the port’s jurisdiction.

He also said that the port’s “Alert-4” won’t be terminated unless the meteorological department retracts its warning.

In order to minimize risks, the port authorities on Friday night issued the alert in accordance with its plan for post-cyclone rehabilitation and cyclone disaster preparedness.

It was consistent with the “Great Danger Signal No-8” issued for the maritime ports by the meteorological department.

As a result, activities such as product delivery, internal management tasks, the unloading of cargo at the port’s jetties, cargo transfers from large ships to small ships at the outer anchorage, and cargo movement within the port were all put on hold.

On Saturday at high tide, all ships at the jetties were pushed out to sea, while cargo ships in the outer anchorage were forbidden from entering.

At the same time, all equipment used for lifting and handling products at jetties was secured and kept away at a safe distance.


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