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Fashion for Good trials compostable polybags

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Fashion for Good trials compostable polybags

The Fashion for Good initiative has linked up with C&A and Levi’s for a new pilot project to test compostable alternatives to conventional single-use polybags for garments, media reported.

The six-month ‘Home-Compostable Polybag Project’ will test bio-based bags designed to compost at home or in municipal facilities from Fashion for Good innovators TIPA Corp and Greenhope.

The bags to be tested contain 23%-25% bio-based content generated from biological feedstock, such as food crops, organic waste and wood pulp, combined with petroleum-based feedstocks.

Fashion for Good says an estimated 180 billion polybags are currently produced every year to store, transport and protect apparel and footwear.

They are commonly incinerated, landfilled or dumped, harming natural systems.

“Their production, use and end-of-use have a significant impact – conventional virgin polybags have a high carbon footprint and low recycling rates across the globe,” the organization said in a statement.

For the new project, C&A and Levi’s will test the use of home-compostable polybags, developed by TIPA Corp and Greenhope, in their supply chain as an alternative to conventional plastic polybags.

“This pilot project plays a crucial part in reaching C&A’s plastic reduction goal and contributes significantly to an industry wide transition,” commented Aleix Busquets Gonzalez, head of global sustainability at C&A.

Levi’s chief sustainability officer Jeffrey Hogue added: “This pilot not only moves us toward achieving our goal of eliminating single-use plastic in consumer-facing packaging by 2030, it also puts into practice the industry collaboration required to solve these ubiquitous challenges in hopes of reducing harmful elements within the apparel supply chain.”
The Home-Compostable Polybag Project is the third Fashion for Good polybag project following the Circular Polybag Pilot, completed in 2020, and Reusable Packaging, completed 2021, projects.


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