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Fuel price hike hinders transportation at Benapole Port

BTJ Desk Report
Fuel price hike hinders transportation at Benapole Port

Transportation of goods through the country’s largest land port, Benapole, has been hindered due to the surge in transport fares following the recent hike in fuel price, reports UNB.

Transport owners have increased the truck fare abnormally after the fuel price hike, businessmen alleged saying that they can’t send goods across the country as trucks are not available now, which created chaos in the transport system of the port.

In this regard, importers, transport agents, and C&F agents are struggling to send imported goods to various places in the country.

Meanwhile, passengers of Benapole who returned home from India have to count additional money as all long route buses have increased the fare from Tk 200 to Tk 700 based on categories.

According to the importers, they used to pay Tk 15,000-21,000 a trip of a goods-laden truck from Benapole to Dhaka.

But now, owners of the trucks are charging Tk 25,000-28,000 which is too much abnormal compared to the recent price hike of fuel.

Importers cannot release goods from the port due to a lack of trucks despite paying duty to the port customs, they lamented.

On the other hand, some importers of Dhaka said they can’t bring the imported goods to factories because of additional truck fares.

However, Benapole Transport Agency Owners’ Association General Secretary Azim Uddin told UNB that importers will have to pay Tk 10,000 additional fare per truck as fuel cost has increased the pressure on the transport sector.


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