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Garment workers rejoining at work after a longer EID holiday

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Garment workers rejoining at work after a longer Eid holiday

Ready-made garment’s worker had enjoyed a long vacation for the festival of Eid-ul-fitr this year. Many of the factories have closed off their factories at the end of April and they have resumed this week on Saturday, some are opening soon and it is considered as one of the longest holiday that many years’ that people did not see.

Workers, office staffs and technical team have rejoined at their work and those who have not arrived, will soon be joining, said Rubaet Ahmed, owner of a garment factory in Ashulia. Talking with a news agency on Saturday, he said, we have announced Eid Vacation on April 27th and scheduled to re-open on 7th of May, 2022, so that these huge work force can enjoy the time with their family members in their village. Many of the garment industries have announced from 10 to 15 days off for this year Eid festival. Most of the factory will be running at a full-fledged swing within a day or two, he added.

Fazle Shamim Ehsan, Senior vice-president of BKMEA, said the work has started in most of the garment factories from Saturday after the longest Eid Holiday. He added, those factories under pressures for shipment are to re-open on Saturday and some with less pressures will re-open within a day or two. Anwar Hossain, a worker at denim export Ltd. Said that he a good Eid holiday with his parents. He added he had enjoyed the Eid vacation with his family and parents and he had not much of sufferings on the way to go home and to come back to his work. The highways were better than any previous years.


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