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Hugo Boss partners with Adobe for 3D design

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Hugo Boss partners with Adobe for 3D design

Hugo Boss, a German luxury fashion brand, has teamed up with Adobe to support its design approach for apparel, accessories and footwear that revolves around 3D and immersive design using hyper-realistic models and experimenting with different fabrics and colours, media reported.

This results in greater creative freedom and convenience for designers.

Moreover, 3D assets are also used to engage suppliers and retail partners in more efficient ways, where prototyping, reviews and changes can all be conducted digitally.

The company’s efforts to promote sustainable fashion are supported by investments in 3D design. Teams can assess designs digitally for suppliers and vendors, eliminating the need to make and ship back-and-forth samples.

Adobe has found that virtual photoshoots can drive a 98 per cent reduction in carbon emissions. To support Hugo Boss, Adobe also unveiled the Adobe Substance Sustainability Calculator, which delivers data and benchmarks for sustainability initiatives tied to 3D design.

It uses other applications such as Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Adobe Substance 3D Stager to help refine colours and lighting and accelerate the rendering process.

“To support our vision of becoming the leading premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide, Hugo Boss was one of the early companies to explore the potential of 3D and immersive design in fashion. Now we have over 400 employees working with these innovative tools to produce more inspiring and sustainable products, and to lead our industry in digital,” explained Sebastian Berg, Vice President of business operations excellence at Hugo Boss.

“Hugo Boss has shown how 3D design can improve the value chain for the fashion industry, putting more power in the hands of designers while optimising production and distribution,” said Sebastien Deguy, Vice President and Head of 3D and Metaverse at Adobe.

He added, “As the company accelerates its efforts in this space, Adobe Substance 3D applications will provide teams with a comprehensive set of tools that boosts creativity and enables its participation in the metaverse.”


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