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Improving RMG workers’ health through digitalization: 24-hours doctor consultation via toll-free hotline and medical bill coverage

BTJ Desk Report

Recently, Mr. Shahidullah Azim, Vice-President, BGMEA and Mr. Parvez Ahmad, COO, Zaynax Health, signed an agreement at BGMEA Bhaban. The ceremony was also graced by Hamidur Rahman Chowdhury, Joint Secretary, Health, BGMEA and Maisha Binte Siddiq, Head of Health Projects and Sales, Zaynax Health. Under this agreement, RMG workers will be able to get 24 hours telemedicine and hospital bill cashback. Female workers will be entitled to maternity benefits

While addressing the participants of the 16th senior basic intelligence course 2022 as the keynote speaker, Shahidullah Azim gave an overview of Bangladesh’s RMG industry, including its challenges, opportunities, and preparedness to realize its potential and about the RMG industry’s future priorities, including upgrading business capabilities and embracing innovation to address future challenges of the RMG industry

To that end, BGMEA joined hands with Zaynax Health Limited, a 360-healthcare platform to provide mobile enabled healthcare for RMG workers that allows them to have a doctor by their side 24/7 through their own mobile phones without the need of internet or smartphones. After a consultation is complete, patients get their prescription through mobile SMS. Additionally, RMG workers will receive medical bill coverage, reducing their out-of-pocket expenditure, thus encouraging timely treatment when necessary and safeguarding their lives. Their toll-free hotline 08-00-888-000 is available around the clock for information of this service

Zaynax Health’s product customized for RMG workers is called “RMG Shastho”. RMG Shastho includes up-to Tk. 20,000 hospital coverage per worker and 24/7 doctor consultation for the worker plus 3 family members. They can now speak to a professional regarding any primary health problem for not just themselves, but their children, spouse, and parents. Through this mobile enabled service, RMG workers can get an end-to-end health support. Zaynax Health’s mission is to provide low-cost, high-quality, technology-enabled healthcare so that they can help people identify issues before they become problems or life-threatening. The company’s vision is “healthcare for everyone” regardless of where people live or what their income is

As a contribution towards achieving Bangladesh Vision 2041 (Increasing Exports Through Human Capital Investment) BGMEA and Zaynax Health will work relentlessly to build a healthy workforce through access to quality healthcare in the root level across Bangladesh. A change in Attitude and Behaviour of Garment Owners, Managers and Workers towards healthy living will only contribute to the advancement of the industry and subsequently Bangladesh


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