Toray to recycle plastic from fishing nets

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Toray to recycle plastic from fishing nets

Japanese textile manufacturer Toray Industries has announced it is to sell nylon 6 yarns, textiles, and other products which are chemically recycled from ocean-recovered fishing nets, media reported.

Toray will apply its depolymerization and repolymerization technology to recycled plastics provided by Tokyo-based recycling innovator, the Refineverse Group, to create products for the Japanese market from March 2023.

The company this year set up a new production system at its Nagoya Plant that comprises a raw materials input facility for recycled fishing net-derived resin as well as recycled lactam storage tanks.

Toray aims to accelerate its efforts to develop an advanced fibre to fibe recycling business, contributing to a circular economy, to meet the growing demand from its customers for more sustainable materials.

It is aiming for annual recycled nylon 6 sales of an initial 800 million yen ($5.9m), rising to 1.2 billion yen ($8.8m) within two years.

“Toray’s new N6CR facility will enable it to overcome technical challenges and reinforce its range of high-performance, high-value-added nylon fibers for apparel,” the company said in a statement.

The company looks particularly to expand sales of thin, eco-friendly fabrics for sports and outdoor wear, innerwear, and legwear,” it added.


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