Why are young people dying of heart attack?

Lifestyle choices play a big role in heart attack | High intensity workouts linked with heart attack
Why are young people dying of heart attack

Lifestyle choices play a big role in heart attack | High intensity workouts linked with heart attack

It was quite frequent that the heart attack and heart failure used to happen only with older people, especially those who are above 60 years old but recently there were many incidents that made us think why these young people who were so fit in their body are still caught in the crossfire of heart attack.

Earlier today a young politician from India was found dead and the reason is heart attack. As we all know that in recent days, there were many other examples of death of young people in heart attack like a couple months back world renowned singer KK was in a massive heart attack and he died on the same day, he was only 53 years old, World’s one of the best leg spinner Shane Warne, 52, died in heart attack a couple of months as well. Young athletes, sportsmen have died in heart attack and they were all seemingly fit people and a big question is what went wrong with them!

After discussing these issues with several doctors, here is what they say about death of young people from heart attacks. They said there are six things make a person vulnerable to heart attacks. They are,
1. Diabetes
2. High levels of blood cholesterol
3. High blood pressure
4. Smoking
5. Family history and
6. Lifestyle

But neither high sugar level nor high cholesterol level are some new phenomenon, people in their 30s and 40s have been diagnosed with these problems for a while now. People in their 30s and 40s have been smoking for generations, so what has changed recently?

Let us understand the reason why heart attack occurs in our body, what triggers it? A person suffers a heart attack when there is lower flow of blood and lower flow of blood occurs when there is any kind of blockages that hinders the blood flow. These blockages does not build up in a day or month, rather it takes years to build up a blockage due to taking high level of cholesterol’s. The narrower the arteries, the lesser the flow of the bloods. Not to be surprised that by the age of late 20s or early 30s, many people have their blockages in some extent that narrow down their arteries. These blockages however are mostly negligible. But one episode of stress can push the heart over the edge. It can be anything, a new workout regime, a physical ailment and stressful life event.

On the other hand, stresses from work what is called ‘occupational stresses’ are rising constantly. Most young people do not check their heart on a regular basis and they jump into high workout in a Gym or even in the office, taking more loads every day for that the body does not reacts friendly often.

Three major things that are considered hectic and stressful which brings more chances to have heart attack. Among them are…
1. Uncertainty on Pandemic period
2. Higher Stress level and
3. High intensity workout

Though it sounds a little surprising, but the researcher said that in this sub-continent, people tends to have more heart attack due to their genetics. Other studies said people from this sub-continent have narrower arteries than western people and that showed to have a risk of having heart attack 10 years earlier than any other western people despite all the western fried food they have but yet the chances are when they are over 60s.

It is advisable to have regular heart check-ups, especially, if one has any earlier history in their genetic to suffer in heart attack, they must be checked-up quite frequently. Doctors says, often heart ailment among the youngsters goes un-diagnosed. Therefore, they should keep an eye on the symptoms. Your body could be sending out signals with some unique way like through pain in the arms or in the jaw, you may start feeling restless, heaviness in your chest or in the arms. And you must seek medical help the moment you feel these unease. And we can avoid those shocking heart attack if we just be a little more aware.

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