Brazil’s cotton exports surge to 189mn kg in Sept 2022

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Brazil's cotton exports surge to 189mn kg in Sept 2022

Exports of cotton from Brazil have jumped many folds in terms of value and volume in the last two months as the new marketing season began in August 2022.

According to TexPro, Brazil exported 189.733 million kg of cotton amounting to $382.944 million in September 2022, up from 65.040 million kg of cotton (valued at $127.434 million) in August 2022.

The monthly shipment in terms of value increased two-fold during September over the shipment in August. In terms of volume, the exports witnessed a 190% rise over the previous month.

The shipment during August increased about two times in terms of volume and value over July 2022. Brazil had exported 23.715 million kg fibre worth $53.391 million in July, TexPro showed.

Brazil’s fibre exports stood at $168.117 million (69.404 million kg) in June, $197.566 million (87.648 million kg) in May and $315.845 million (142.666 million kg) in April 2022. Brazil exported fibre worth $2.329 billion (1,139.887 million kg) in the first nine months of this year. Its total fibre exports stood at $3.489 billion (2,078.208 million kg) in 2021, $3.314 billion (2,190.566 million kg) in 2020 and $2.733 billion (1,664.626 million kg) in 2019.

Brazil is the fourth largest cotton producer country in the world.


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