Industry’s largest library of colors now fully integrated into Shima Seiki design system with Color Atlas by Archroma

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Industry's largest library of colors now fully integrated into Shima Seiki design system with Color Atlas by Archroma

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, and Shima Seiki, a leading provider of computerized flat knitting machines and digital design systems, have expanded their partnership to bring the industry’s largest library of colors for cotton and polyester to the SDS®-ONE APEX design, planning and virtual sampling system and APEXFiz® (hereafter SDS®-ONE APEX series) subscription software.

Now offering a total of 5,760 color references, SDS-ONE APEX series has added all 1,440 colors for polyester from The Color Atlas by Archroma® to its color library of 4,320 Color Atlas colors for cotton poplin. The new polyester collection ranges from neutral earth tones to vibrant jewel tones and on-trend fluorescent colors, with shades suitable for sportswear, fashion, home furnishings, automotive textiles and more.

“Our SDS®-ONE APEX series users have embraced the accuracy and convenience of the Archroma Color Atlas for cotton coloration since 2020,” a representative from Shima Seiki said. “By expanding our collaboration with Archroma to polyester colors, we are further empowering our users with color inspiration and streamlined product development.”

The extended color library in SDS®-ONE APEX series will help designers and manufacturers to visualize and evaluate their design choices on realistic fabric simulations and then put them into production with dyes and finishes that meet their desired sustainability profile. The Shima Seiki system also offers a smooth transition to machine programming for quick and accurate production, reduced waste and accelerated time to market.

Each of the 5,760 Color Atlas color references in the SDS®-ONE APEX series design software is available as a physical color standard that includes precise dyeing recipes and compliance data, as well as access to expert technical support from Archroma around the world.

“Polyester remains the most popular choice across many textile segments where high performance is a must. Users of Shima Seiki’s advanced SDS®-ONE APEX series platform will now be able to select from the industry’s largest library of colors for both cotton and polyester and, more importantly, trust that their choice can be reliably executed,” Chris Hipps, Head of Strategic Business Development, Archroma Color Management, said.

“Our colors are formulated with dyes that comply with international eco-standards and work with Archroma’s groundbreaking coloration systems, like FAST SPORT,” he continued.

About Archroma

Archroma is a global, diversified provider of specialty chemicals serving the branded and performance textiles, packaging and paper, and coatings, adhesives and sealants markets.

Headquartered in Pratteln, Switzerland, Archroma operates with more than 5,000 employees located in 42 countries and with 35 production sites.

Archroma is passionate about delivering leading and innovative solutions, enhancing people’s lives and respecting the planet. The company is committed to the principles of “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, Efficient, Enhanced. It’s our nature!”; an approach reflected in its innovations, world-class quality standards, high service levels and cost-efficiency.


SHIMA SEIKI is a leading solutions provider dedicated to delivering a digitally optimized value chain for the fashion industry. Founded on the development of the world’s first fully automated seamless glove knitting machine in 1962, SHIMA SEIKI would eventually invent the world’s first WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine that can produce a garment in one entire piece without sewing. Using only the minimum amount of yarn required to knit a single garment, WHOLEGARMENT quickly became the benchmark for sustainable textile production. SHIMA SEIKI combined on-demand WHOLEGARMENT knitting with realistic virtual sampling to achieve truly sustainable production that optimizes inventory and eliminates waste.

About SDS®-ONE APEX Series

SHIMA SEIKI has developed the SDS-ONE APEX series through its extensive experience and know-how in the field of fashion technology. In addition to programming of knitting machines and pattern CAD functions, the series incorporates software specialized in textile design and simulation including flat knitting, circular knitting, printing, and weaving, supporting everything from planning and design, colorways and realistic fabric simulation to 3D knit virtual sampling. Regarding the 3D knit virtual sampling, in addition to realistic representation of dimensional knitting structure, their proprietary yarn-level simulation technology realizes the world’s No. 1 quality in texture. Taking advantage of SHIMA SEIKI’s know-how as the leading computerized flat knitting solutions provider, the data created can be converted to programming data for actual knitting and is connected directly to machine production, making it the only system in the industry that streamlines your ideas to production. Besides the hardware-software integrated SDS-ONE APEX4 design system, there is also the subscription-based APEXFiz, whose lineup includes a variety of software that can be selected according to individual needs. It supports work requirements for teleworking and telecommuting as well.


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