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Automated clearance at Ctg Port makes businesses pleased

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Automated clearance at Ctg Port makes businesses pleased

The introduction of the terminal operating system (TOS) made the Chattogram Port to close to becoming a fully automated one which also made businesses happy, according to the media report.

TOS is an advanced system that is now allowing the port authority to control the movement and anchor of freighters in and around the seaport electronically.

Except for the customs service, all sorts of other necessary information regarding the operation of cargo ships at the port were already integrated with the system, creating hopes for ensuring a smooth port operation, sources told the media.

Aiming to launch full-fledged automatic cargo documentation and delivery system, the TOS was launched a few months ago on a trial basis, but the customs segment has not yet been integrated with this automated system.

Sources claimed that the Chattogram Port Authority (CPA) said the bill of lading from the Chattogram Customs House is yet to be included in the system.

According to CPA sources, the installation of TOS, a widely used port management system globally, was completed last month.

The port’s operational activities would now be done through TOS, an advanced version of the container terminal management system (CTMS), which CPA continued since 2011 for container operation management.

From now on, the clearing and forwarding (C&F) agents as well as the businesses could pursue clearing their goods from anywhere and anytime.

Currently, Chattogram Port handles at least 97% of the country’s export-import cargos. The port’s present capacity is around 4 million twenty equivalent units (TEUs). The TOS would raise the capacity to 5 million TEUs.


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