Trousers, shorts and jersey comprises 45% of total Australian apparel imports

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Trousers, shorts, and jersey comprises 45% of total Australian apparel imports

With a 21.44% share, trousers & shorts were the dominant categories in Australian total apparel imports of $3.761 billion during the first half of this year.

This was followed by jerseys with 15.87% share and shirts with 9.78% share. These three products together accounted for more than 45% of total apparel imports by Australia.

Australia’s import of trousers & shorts stood at $806.571 million in January-June 2022, according to TexPro, Jerseys, and shirts imports were valued at $596.900 million and $367.767 million respectively.

The import of other products among the top ten were T-shirts (9.57%), dresses (8.98%), innerwear (8.12%), jackets & blazers (5.92%), nightwear (2.89%), baby wear (2.84%) and socks (2.77%).

Australia’s apparel imports stood at $664.250 million in June, $618.648 million in May, and $588.823 million in April 2022. The country had imported apparel worth $7.386 billion in 2021, $6.363 billion in 2020, and $6.602 billion in 2019.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi apparel exporters gradually focus on new markets, markets outside of the US and EU, like Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and others.

They said they have started the research works to find out products suitable for these export destinations.

So, Australia becomes their destination if the exporters and manufacturers produce products based on such research and study, manufacturers opined.


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