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US commerce department opens new office in Dhaka to promote trade

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US commerce department opens new office in Dhaka to promote trade

The US department of commerce has opened a new Commercial Service office at the US Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, media report said.

The US department will station a senior Foreign Commercial Service Officer at the Dhaka embassy to maximize US export opportunities and collaborate with Bangladesh to assist US companies looking to enter into or expand their presence in the Bangladeshi market.

The US and Foreign Commercial Service is the export promotion arm of the International Trade Administration (ITA), a bureau of the US department of commerce.

The new office will help to facilitate one-on-one business counselling, provide tailored export expertise and information on the Bangladesh market, and work to connect US businesses with potential Bangladeshi partners through business matchmaking and other services, according to a press release by the ITA.

The Commercial Service has an extensive global network consisting of 122 offices around the world and in over 100 US cities.

The new Commercial Service office will increase the number of international markets to 81.

Across Asia, the Commercial Service will have a presence in 19 markets, including Bangladesh.

“As the United States and Bangladesh celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations, it is an opportune moment to expand upon the strong foundation of our bilateral and commercial relationship,” said Arun Venkataraman, US assistant secretary of commerce for global markets and director general of the US and Foreign Commercial Service.

“The new Commercial Service office here in Bangladesh will play an important role in strengthening trade ties between our countries, and how we support US companies doing business in such a dynamic and fast-growing economy. Trade between our two countries accounts for an estimated $10 billion, showcasing the vast existing and potential opportunities in this country.”


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